LFP Careers

LFP offers college students real world, hands-on experience in various disciplines including Broadcasting, Retail, Human Resources, Finance and Marketing.

Do you offer internships for high school students?
LFP's internships are designed for college sophomores and above. We appreciate a high school student's interest in participating but do not offer opportunities to these students.

What type of duties do the internships involve?
Our interns get hands-on experience and have the opportunity to learn the inner workings of corporate offices. While most internships have an administrative component, projects can range from production assistance to marketing and publicity, creating presentations for sales clients, and learning about cable programming, just to name a few.

Are internships paid?
While the majority of our internships are unpaid and course credit is required, we offer both paid and unpaid internships.

Is academic credit required for unpaid internships?
Yes, receiving academic credit is mandatory for unpaid internships. Interns will be required to submit a letter of credit from their university prior to beginning an internship.

How many hours per week do interns typically participate in an internship?
On average, students work between 15-20 hours per week while in school. Summer hours vary depending on position; many are between 30-40 hours per week. We require a minimum commitment of 3 days per week.

How soon will I hear back regarding an interview?
LFP's internships are competitive and we receive a large volume of candidates for each semester. You will be contacted in a timely manner if we require more information.